bare skin 


Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal using a direct current to destroy the hair at the root. Perfect for small areas of unwanted hair.

15 Minutes                                   $37

30 Minutes                                   $51

IPL facial hair removal

Intense Pulse Light is the most advanced way of reducing unwanted hair on any area of the body.

If you are having IPL on your face and prefer not to shave yourself we offer Dermaplaning as an add on service to facial IPL treatments starting at $40. Please advise at booking that you will require Dermaplaning as your appointment time will be longer.

IPL hair removal consultation $30
Upper lip $38
Chin $38
Upper lip and chin $58
Female sides of face $38
Male sides of face $48
Female full face $92
Male full face $102
Front or back of neck $45
Female décolletage $60


IPL upper body hair removal

IPL hair removal consultation $30
Male chest $75
Abdomen $65
Male chest and abdomen $130
Tummy line $35
Under arms $60
Lower back $90
Upper back $95
Full back $140
Shoulders $55
Areola $40
Upper arm $75
Lower arm $75
Full arm $140
Hand and fingers $35

IPL lower body hair removal

IPL hair removal consultation $30
Bikini line $65
Extended bikini line $75
Female brazilian $98
Female brazilian and G-string area $124
Female G-string area $55
Female buttocks
(Incl G -string area)
Male buttocks
(Incl G- string area) 
Male bikini  $70
Upper leg $145
Lower leg $140
Full leg $235
Feet and toes $40

b•are skin waxing

Ankle to knee wax. $38
Thigh to knee $48
Full Leg  $54
Bikini wax $29
Extended bikini wax $40
Underarm wax $25
Lower arm wax $26
Full arm wax $45
Brazilian wax
(maintenance 4-6 weeks)
Brazilian wax
(first time or over 6 weeks)
Back of thigh $29
Top lip wax $15
Chin wax $15
Top lip and chin wax $28
Ear wax $10
Nose wax $10
Face wax $32
Back wax $46
Chest wax $48
Back and chest wax $82